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Tell A Friend About Black Tie Limousine

Our first concern Corporate Limousine/Black Tie Limousine is taking great care to ensure our customers expecations are surpassed. But, that's not to say we don't love people talking about us. In fact, today it seems many companies wish their customers wouldn't talk about their experiences.

In over 20 years of service to residents in the Twin Cities, the most effective advertising for us has been achieved through our existing customers. If you love the service we provide and you recommend us to associates and friends, we'd like to reward you for your efforts. Black Tie Limousine will offer you a 20% discount on your next booking with us or, 10% off your next airport transfer for a referral that creates an account with us and reserves a vehicle with Black Tie Limousine: It's our way of saying "THANK YOU" for spreading the word. Plus, your business associates and friends will be impressed with your recommendation. To make sure you get your credit, either send us an e-mail to let us know whom it is that you have referred or, have them mention your name when they book their reservation.

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