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Why Black Tie Limousine?

Our Mission: To provide affordable, reliable ground transportation services that surpasses the expectations of those that we do business with.

So, why Black Tie?

  • Experience. Few companies in this industry have the tenure and experience that Corporate Limousine/Black Tie has.

  • Great Listeners. We listen very intently to what our customers are saying DAILY. Over the years, many changes in our business have been the direct result of listening to what our customers have said or needs that they would like to see met.

  • Our Customer's are #1: 100% customer-centric focus; a dedication to surpassing our customer's expectations. Treating our customers fairly and, with respect at every level and, at all times.

  • Great staff: A committment to hire the very best people that live by the same principals that we, as a company do.

  • FUN! We love what we do and we strive to make that clear to each and every customer.
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