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Rates and Fleet Questions

Q. Are Black Tie's rates competitive?

A. Very much so. Black Tie charges no hidden mileage or fuel charge fees on any of our Town cars or stretch limousines. The limo coach requires a fuel surcharge as well as gratuity both of which will be added to your quote. Our pricing is based on the time the car picks you up and drops you off.

Q. What about gratuity? How do we handle that?

A. When we provide you with a quote, we often times do not include gratuity. While many of our clients choose to give additional gratuity above the 20%  when they are extremely satisfied with the service we do add on the 20% minimum gratuity to all trips whether in the quote or not. This is simply to protect our chauffeurs income. If the service is not what you expected we will work with you after the fact to make sure you are satisfied.

Q. Do you have a minimum number of hours that I must rent a limousine for?

A. As a general rule, no, Black Tie does not have have a minimum hourly requirement. The exceptions are during prom and wedding seasons when the larger vehicles do require hourly minimums. Give us a call at 952.884.3725 if you have questions regarding minimums.

Q. What types of vehicles does Black Tie offer?

A.Black Tie offers a wide variety of vehicles designed to accommodate single passengers, and small and large groups (view the fleet).

Q. How do I know which vehicle is right for us?

A.With a wide variety of vehicle offerings, and special needs to be considered, our customer care staff can help you select the perfect vehicle for your event.

Reservation Questions

Q. How do I go about making a reservation with Black Tie Limousine?

A. We offer two ways to make a reservation: 1) you may create an online account profile and then complete a reservation online or, 2) you can call 952.884.3725.

Q. I travel out of town for work, can Black Tie Limousine help me arrange ground transportation in other cities?

A. Without a doubt, we would love to help you with your ground transportation anywhere in the world that your work takes you. Corporate Limousine Service, our sister company handles all of our corporate transportation. You are welcome to click here for more information or, give our Corporate Limousine Service customer care team a call at 952.967.8800.

Q. Does Black Tie Limousine offer online reservations through its Web site?

A. Yes. We are proud to offer real-time, online reservations through our Web site. To get started, all you need to do is complete an account profile.

Q. What is Black Tie Limousine's cancellation policy?

A. We hate to say it, but it varies: Prom reservations are non-cancellable. All other Black Tie services require a 48 hour notice to cancel a reservation. Please give us a call if you have questions regarding our cancellation policies.

General Questions

Q. May we consume alcohol in the vehicle?

A. If you are of legal drinking age and are traveling in any of our vehicles with the exception of a Town Car, yes, you may consume adult beverages.

Q. Is it possible that you include alcohol as part of our price quote?

A. Unfortunately not. Minnesota state law prohibits us from providing or including any alcoholic beverages.

Q. Do you provide glassware and ice?

A. Yes we do (in all vehicles with the exception of Town Cars). Please let us know if you would like ice or glasswere in your vehicle.

Q. We will be traveling with a baby or an infant, what do you provide?

A. We offer baby and infant seats. If you would like to have a baby seat provided give us a call at 952.884.3725.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. Black Tie Limousine accepts all major credit cards, either via the telephone or on our secure Web site. Upon pickup, if your bill hasn't been settled in advance, your chauffeur will take care of any paperwork required with you.

Wedding Questions

Q. Does Black Tie Limousine offer special, wedding packages?

A. Yes, Black Tie offers a number of special wedding packages. Give us a call and we'll be happy to give you all of the details.

Q. How far in advance should I book a limousine for my wedding?

A. Black Tie books weddings well over a year out. We recommend that if you're planning a Saturday, summer wedding that you reserve a vehicle as early as you possibly can to ensure that the perfect vehcile for you and your wedding party is reserved.

Q. Which type of limousine should I rent for my wedding?

A. The first and most important question of course is, how many from your wedding party will be needing transportation? From there, there are other considerations; how large are the women's dresses? Does the wedding party consist of the front line of the Minnesota Gopher's offensive line? How far will you be traveling in the limousine?

Q. How many hours should I plan on renting a limousine for?

A. In a nutshell, the more hours you rent a vehicle for, the less your hourly rate is. Many of our customers find that they prefer having a vehicle available for them and their guests for the entire day and that it's less expensive than renting it for several blocks of time throughout the day.

Q. What are some other ideas for limousine usage on my wedding day?

A. We have a number of wedding parties that provide a vehicle for the women in the wedding party to get their hair and nails done and transport them prior to the wedding. Other wedding parties prefer to have a vehicle available to take members of their wedding party home after the reception. We can also provide two or more vehicles if you have a larger wedding party.

Q. How do I go about booking a Black Tie vehicle for my wedding?

A. Because wedding transportation is often complex and because we want everything to be perfect, we suggest that you give us a call to book your wedding rather than using our online reservation system.

Q. Is there a deposit required to secure my limousine?

A. Yes, in order to reserve your vehicle, you must provide a valid credit card when you book your reservation. We require a 20% or, $150 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking so that we can secure your limousine for that day.

Prom/Homecoming/School related Event Questions

Q. Does Black Tie offer Prom packages?

A. Yes we do, Black Tie Limousine offers a number of all inclusive prom packages that include 6 hours of limousine service. The only thing not included in our prom packages is the chauffeur gratuity (which we recommend at 20%)

Q. How do I go about booking for my school related event?

A. Because school-related events often require multiple stopping points, we suggest that you give us a call at 952.884.3725 to book a vehicle and to make sure that we get all of the details correct.

Q. What is Black Tie's policy regarding alcohol if I am a minor?

A. If you are not of legal drinking age, we do not permit alcohol in our vehicles under any circumstance! Your chauffeur has the right to inspect any items that you want to bring into the vehicle with you. Your chauffeur also has the right to cancel any prom trip for any reason if there is foul play.

Q. What is required for a deposit?

A. Because of the incredibly busy time of year, prom reservations require a $250, NON-refundable deposit. Prom reservations are also NON cancellable. Once your reservation has been made, you will be responsible for the entire amount of your trip.

If you should have any other questions, we welcome you to give our customer care team a call at 952.884.3725. Thank you for considering Black Tie Limousine for your special event!

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